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Monday, October 16, 2006

More Flames of War Action at Game Parlor Woodbridge

Here you can see the culmination of my second game of the tournament. I was up against German panzergrenadier company. This was a non-lethal field exercise of course. I concentrated my attack on the right flank pushing through an infantry platoon in the woods. Of course I had to run the risk of having some of my tanks get bogged down. For three turns I managed to avoid rolling any "1s." Once I finished pushing the infantry out of the way I was free to swing toward the center and contest an objective. My opponent was not able to move a unit close enough to challenge this so he tried to blow me off the objective with Stukas. In the picture you can see that he did in fact manage to get a couple of them but this was not enough to cause a morale check. If you look underneath the left wing of the lead Stuka you can see my company commander's tank still within four inches of the objective. Game over!

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