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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

"Might of Arms" Rules for Gaming Ancient Warfare

I want to tell you about a rule set that I recently discovered. I have been looking around for some rules on gaming ancient warfare the are more user-friendly than what you typically find in the gaming hobby. I came across a set of rules that is not too well known, which is a shame because it is a very nice piece of work.

To begin with they are well written. What a unique concept! This is something that is frequently a major problem with this particular aspect of the tabletop gaming hobby. I won't name any names, but it has been my experience that the most popular rule sets for ancient gaming are written in a manner that is totally arcane, obtuse, and almost incomprehensible (with the exception of Warhammer Ancient Battles), and when I say this I refer to writers on both sides of the North Atlantic ocean.

So I came across a reference to Might of Arms on "The Miniatures Page" and decided to give it a try. I'm glad I did because it certainly is a breath of fresh air. The rules are rather lengthy, but only because author Bob Bryant takes great pains to ensure that every concept in the rules is explained in a manner that does NOT leave you scratching your head and asking yourself "what in the heck does that mean?"

I'll have more on this later.

"Might of Arms" website

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