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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Shield and Flag Decals from "Little Big Men Studios"

Here is another thing that I have been working on recently. I have a collection of 28mm Romans from the Marian/Caesarian era that I have been trying to finish for several years now. I recently ordered all of them to "fall in for muster" so I could start working on them again. I went looking to see if there are any new decals available for decorating their shields and I came across a place called "Little Big Men Studios" in the UK. They are incredibly detailed and colorful and I just had to try some. The picture on the left shows the decal set I ordered for my "Marius' Mules." The picture on the right shows what a typical decal looks like on a figure. (It's not one of my figures.) There were several other styles to choose from for that time period. There are also many other shield and flag designs from a large range of armies and eras.

These decals are different from anything I have ever used before. They are not the type that slide off the sheet and on to the model. First you have to peel a thin layer of plastic off the top of the decal sheet. Once you do this you will find that the decal is very "sticky." You then stick the decal on the surface to be decorated with the decal making contact and the paper backing now on top. You then moisten the paper and after about 30 seconds the paper slides off the decal and it is done. So far I have applied them to 18 shields. It went pretty well and it got quicker and easier as I went along. I had trouble with one of them but I'm pretty sure that it was because my fingers were not totally dry when I started to handle it. When I was done a couple of them where peeling on the edges but I think that was because I used to much water on them. When I was finished I gloss-coated them to protect them (this also solved the peeling problem because the gloss coat flattened them out again) and then I dull coated them to remove the shine.

They really look very nice when finished. I'll post some pictures of my completed shields eventually.

Little Big Men Studios

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