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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

"Clash of the Titans"

Well I do of course dabble in Warhammer 40,000 as well. Quite a bit actually, I just have not been writing about it much.

This week a new book called "Apocalypse" is being released and it will have rules for forming big battles that include the huge vehicles like Baneblade tanks, Warlord Titans, and Ork Stompas. My friend Carl is a very talented scratch builder and he built this Stompa for me quite a while ago. If you read "White Dwarf" magazine you may have seen that his scratch built Ork army was given a two page color spread a couple years ago. This is something that "White Dwarf" does very seldom, so it was quite an honor.

So now with the new book coming out the Stompa has been sent back to the garage for modifications to its weapons suites that will make it compatible with "Apocalypse." And, this coming Friday it will be comitted to battle for the very first time at the Games Workshop store in Springfield, Virginia. In this picture it is showing off its new weapons arms. (I should have placed something next to it for reference because it stands about 10 inches tall.) But, there is still more to come, the Mekboys are frantically working to get the missiles and the "big shoota" turret installed by Friday. Let's hope it goes well! You know what happens when Orks build things, they can be prone to breakdowns and of course in this case they are in a hurry, which really has me worried. Let's hope it's not reduced to molten slag in it's debut'! Fortunately the Ork army will be commanded by Orkmeister Carl himself, not me. This means that breakdowns or not, the enemies of Orkdom are in for some rough handling! Unfortunately I will not be there myself to see how it goes but I'll post an after action on it anyway.

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