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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Celts from Sri Lanka

I have to share these pictures with you. A couple months ago I shipped some unpainted Celtic 28mm figures that I had on-hand for a long time to "PhilGreg Painters" in Sri Lanka. Two months later they came back looking supremely gorgeous. Look at the details and designs! 73 of them and no two were alike, every figure and every shield were completely unique in some way. And believe me, the pictures do not do them justice. There is just no way that I could have made them look anything like this on my own. This gets me very much farther down the road in my effort to collect enough Celts to field either a Gaulic or Britannic ancient army. Now I need to work on cavalry and chariots. What the heck, maybe I will just send those to Philip too!

1 comment:

El Bandito said...

Bill, those are magnificent figs! well done! Congratulations on finding an inexpensive alternative for painting large units and armies!