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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Eldar Swarm Attack

Here you can see the Eldar swarm attack that developed on the left flank of the Ork-Eldar army. I'm an idiot when it comes to Eldar; I can't identify any of these things.


Wargamer Noob said...

Nice pictures.
I'm just getting into Wargames and wow soo much to spend money on :)

I'll be reading more of your posts in the next few days. Thanks.

I found this place that has all miniature wargames auctions under one roof, maybe worth adding to the Resources?

Well I was happy to see so much in auctions because this can become an expensive hobby.

Speak Soon

karlmek said...

Nice camo job on the Guard tanks,
Bwana; much less boring than the
usual green drab and sand. As for
Eldar vehicles "Ya just hafta
'member dat it's a Panzee flying
tin kan an' ya blow it outta da
sky". Waaarg.

Bwana Bill said...

Dear Noob, We are really glad that you like the photos. Good luck on getting started in the hobby. You are right that it can be expensive, but you seem to have caught on to a good way to acquire what you need. Thanks for the recommendation on the auction web site. I think I will add that to our "Resources" link. Feel free to ask us about anything.

Bwana Bill said...

Dear Karlmek, thanks for the compliment on the tanks, and thanks for the advice on the Eldar. So it's as simple as all that, is it?