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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Latest Apocalypse Game

Okay, over the next few days we will be displaying photos from our latest Apocalypse game that transpired back on December 30th. You will see amazing things that you will no where else! There will be scratch-built Thunderhawks, two scratch-built Ork Stompas, and a scratch-built Big Mek Stompa. You will see vintage Armorcast war machines. You will see huge lumbering super heavy battle tanks. You will see carnage and destruction on an unprecedented scale! What more could you possibly ask for?

Just for starters, take a look at these two photos. First you will see a vintage Armorcast Warhound Scout Titan that came out of a long retirement to show us what war in the 41st Millennium is really like! Then you will see a scratch-built Thunderhawk gunship in the second photo. Check back for more because this is only the beginning! Who knows? We may even give the ever-popular "Bell of Lost Souls" blog a run for its money! :-) (Not likely)

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