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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Miniatures Go On Vacation - Day 2

OK, so today are a couple of pictures from "our" work yesterday. Consul Kyle noticed I was painting some British F&I miniatures so he promptly pulled out his Crusader Miniature 28mm Carthaginian Heavy Infantry! I'm so proud of his effort and desire for someone only 9 years old.

The British are not quite complete. They do not yet have "eyes" as all my 28mm troops, especially those that are firing any weapon, need eyes. I think it helps the dice roll better. My problem is I waterdown my bottle of white (GW Skull White) before leaving way too much. So I'm going to put eyes on them when I get home. That and they haven't been fully flocked yet. I will complete that process when I get them home. They are also very shiny right now, as I did apply my black "magic wash" which is a combination of black ink and "future floor wax". This time I brushed it on instead of dipping the entire miniature into the mix. That give me better control as to where the black lines go I guess. I may continue to do this in the future.

The Carthaginians are starting to get their flesh tone on now. Consul Kyle (he needs another name, appropriate for a Carthaginian, any suggestions?) wanted this particular unit painted in gold. Hopefully he'll get the bases painted soon so they show up better.
I will hopefully start on the Indians sometime today after our horse ride at 11AM. I may not have them finished by the vacations end but at least I'll have a good start. Maybe tomorrow there will be a fight between the Woodland Indians and the British for control of Graves Mt.?


Black Knight said...

I would recommend you tell Kylicar Barca that pike ar not standard issue for Carthaginian infantry. Boy, the things kids remember!

Consul Scipio said...

1. I really like that name I'll suggest it to him! Kylicar Barca is a good one.

2. Those are the OG "Long Thrusting Spears". So he can technically claim they're not pikes! He learned that from a gaming buddy of mine. ;)

It is amazing what kids remember. They hear more than we think! :)