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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Miniatures Go On Vacation - Day 3

Today, it's time for the British Empire to lay down the law. Well, not really. The Woodland Indians now have some basic (very basic) warpaint on. They have not been inked yet but they looked "good enough" for now. I got the bases on the Woodland Indians painted and the first part of the flock on. These Conquest Miniatures are an absolute joy to paint. I will be ordering some in the near future! I also broke down and put the last bit of flock, long grass, on the British soldiers.

Then we took them outside and had a quick fight. The British were allowed to break up their formation into smaller formed units for this game.

"Get ready soldiers! Here they come!"

The warband that tried to sneak around and ambush the invaders.

BAM! The small detachment was ready!

But there are more coming!

The warbands are driven off by the brave soldiers holding the high ground and putting up a right good fire!

The mountain was held and the British detachment got away to fight another day.

Here's a view look out from where we were playing and taking pictures. We're off to have some fun for the rest of the day. I've discovered that swimming laps is great exercise for me so I hope to get to the pool for a long time today.


Black Knight said...

That is some tall grass those Indians were moving through!

Consul Scipio said...

Thanks. Do you know how thick the scrub is in VA? There is a lot of high grass and corn this time of year too. But nothing as wide as what those indians were moving through. We colonials are learning about new plant species all the time still. :)