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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Battleground WWII rules reprint

A few years ago we fell in with a gaming group that used these Battleground rules for 28mm WWII. We played numerous times and had some pretty big games. The publishers also produced 28mm figures to go with the rules. These rules are very small unit, skirmish oriented. The intention was that each player would control a force no larger than 1 squad or one vehicle. Accordingly, the rules are pretty detailed (the vehicle rules especially) and the figures had a lot of "personality," in a manner somewhat similar to a role playing game. The problem of course was that this group of ours always wanted to make the games bigger and bigger, and these rules are not conducive to that. The games started to drag on as a result.

Nevertheless, the whole thing was very popular but the people who started it soon went out of business. After that the gaming group we were in just faded away. However, over the years I have always seen these rules in use at the HMGS East conventions and I wondered where they are getting the stuff. Now I find out that there is another company that took over the printing and sale of the rules and all the figures. Check out this link at Pacific Sky Games and you will see what I mean. By the way, any 28mm WWII figures can be used with these rules. You can also use any 1:48 or 1:50 scale vehicles. Also, if you want a set of WWII 28mm rules that ARE conducive to large games you need to look no further than "Disposable Heroes & Coffin for Seven Brothers" from Iron Ivan games. See my previous posts on this.

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