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Friday, January 16, 2009

More photos of the real Stalingrad fountain.

One of the guys in our gaming group is a really good scratch builder. The other day we were talking about the Stalingrad fountain model that we covered back on December 20, 2008. He said that article got him interested in scratch building a 28mm version of the fountain some day. I think that is a really wonderful result which comes at a good time because I was beginning to wonder if this blog was a waste of my time! I of course told him it was a great idea, and it got me wondering if there might be any better photos of the thing out there. So I did a bit more searching on the net and came up with these. I think these could be very useful because they show the entire fountain in the frame.

It appears to me that the first photo was probably taken before the war and that the second photo is from sometime shortly after the Battle of Stalingrad. Notice all the artillery shells stacked around the fountain? Maybe the battle was still underway?

You know, the more I look at that these photos the more I begin to see how it could be crudely, or maybe even not so crudely, modeled using things from around the house. If you took a round serving dish with a big lip around the edge, and an empty cat food can turned upside down, and maybe some HO or G scale model children, you would already be halfway there! What do you think?


Service Ration Distribution (Hobby) said...

Good photos and a good idea to recreate the scene, hope you post the pics. The destruction is indicative of the the fury of this dreadful battle. I'm hopeful that I can do a slice of the Stalingrad battle in 20mm. I wonder what the site looks like today.

Bwana Bill said...

I agree, it would be interesting to see what that part of the city looks like now.