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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Apocalypse continued

I almost forgot that a few days ago I said that I would post some pictures from our latest Apocalypse game. So, here they are!

The first photo is Orkmeister Karl's unit of Ork Tankbusta boys. These models come from a by-gone era of Warhammer 40,000 (40K), and Karl has added a lot of very nice scratch-built weapons and other details. This was a unit that we all greatly feared over the years. Now, unfortunatley, the latest Ork Codex seems to have turned them into a unit who's overall performance is quite disappointing.

The second photo is one of the Orkmeister's beautiful scratch-built Ork Stompas. He can field three of them now, much to the chagrin of his Imperial opponents. They have not yet managed to destroy even one of them!

Photo number 3 is Andrew's classic Imerial Guard Steel Legion unit.

The last photo is 20 of my Khorne Berserkers grouped into one huge squad. Kharn the Betrayer is somewhere in there with them. I wanted to try this combination to see what would happen. My reasoning was that a large squad would serve to protect Kharn well and escort him into assault range. Plus, even if Kharn did kill a few of his own side during his frenzied assualt, it wouldn't matter that much if he was in a large squad. There is also a demon prince and a Predator tank operating independently on their flank. I decided on all this even though I knew it might be difficult to get them into assault range without a transport vehicle. So, since our game only lasted two turns before we ran out of time ... yes, you guessed it; none of them had time to get within assault range. So, it proved to be a bad idea after all.

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