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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Yet More Apocalypse

Here's a few more pieces of Apocalypse "eye-candy" for you. The first is a "full frontal" of the scratch-built Mekboy Stompa. This monstrosity has with out a doubt been the nastiest piece on the table during all of the Apoc. games that we have held.

The second photo is an IG Basilisk hammering away somewhat futilely at all the massive Ork hardware running around.

Then we have two magnificent shots of my new Terminus Ultra Pattern Land Raider (What a mouth full! Just try to make an acronym out of that!). Magnificent; isn't it? Don't you just love firepower in all its various forms? Don't you just love the smell of air being superheated by large lasers in the morning?

Oh, and I need to make a correction to my last posting. Our Orkmeister has pointed out that the "Tankbusta Boys" should now be referred to as the "Tank Annoyer Boys!" Oh, the shame and ignominy of it all!

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