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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Final Series of Apocalypse photos

Here is our last installment of our recent Apocalypse action. In the first photo is Eldarmeister Tom's Eldar Avatar. Then in the next photo, there he is again, but this time he is going down fighting surrounded by a horde of Orkmeister Karl's bloodthirsty Orks!

The third photo shows one of the Ork Stompas closing in on an unfortunate IG tank. "Come to Papa!" he says!

Last, but not least, you see two of the three Stompas casually strolling through the armored "gun line" like they are out looking for daisies to pick! In the back of the same photo you can see the unit of Ork "Tank Annoyer" boys trying to appear as though they still matter!

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Nice image. I liked it.