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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

WWII 28mm Scenarios for Disposable Heroes and Coffin for Seven Brothers

I found an interesting tidbit of information on The Miniatures Page recently. Iron Ivan Games, the gentlemen that publish Disposable Heroes & Coffin for Seven Brothers (DH/C7B) have announced they will soon be publishing scenario books for gaming WWII in 28mm. That is simply great news as far as I am concerned! Let me tell you why. In recent years, I am always “the GM” for our gaming group when it comes to doing anything in WWII, and coming up with a good scenario is always hard. The scenario books that I have found never seem to match up perfectly with our favorite game system, that being DH/C7B. Something is always off. Usually it has to do with the units that the scenario calls for. The organization of individual squads is usually different and right away you have to start making changes and substitutions. Sometimes the scenarios call for a ridiculously large number of units. In cases like that it is easy to see that the scenario was originally designed and played for 15mm, or maybe even something smaller. Another thing I hate is scenarios that call for a ridiculously large playing area that is beyond the capabilities of almost all of us. Another thing that is difficult is converting tactical skill ratings and morale ratings to the game system that you want to use. Usually scenario publishers will try to help you out a bit on this, but not many.

From what I understand the first book will cover the Brit paras at Arnhem. Let me give you a hint too. If you examine the events list for the upcoming Cold Wars convention in Lancaster, PA, it appears that one of the games being offered is from this new scenario book, even though it has not been published yet.

So, I have high expectations for these scenario books. I have always been impressed with the thought processes of Messrs. Stine and Conley at Iron Ivan Games. I think they are very clever game designers and so my guess is their scenarios will be a great boost for the game system. When I read through the events list for the upcoming Cold Wars convention I could not help but notice that most of the GMs running WWII games in 28mm are using DH/C7B. It appears to me that DH/C7B is becoming more popular all the time; and rightfully so!

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Anonymous said...

As a huge fan of the Arnhem campaign I bought this scenario book. I was a bit, well very disappointed in the scenarios however. There are a lot of errors in the historical accuracy of the units and the scenarios lack "fun factor" for the most part. The scenarios are small and are mainly suited for only 2 players.