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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Marcus Aurelius in 28mm

Have you seen or heard of this new figure from Warlord Games? It is the Emperor Marcus Aurelius depicted as a tired campaigner somewhat like he was portrayed in the Russel Crowe "Gladiator" movie. It is an interesting departure from the typical heroic poses that we always see in miniature wargaming. Marcus Aurelius was the epitome of the "philosopher king" style of ruler, and here he looks like he is watching a battle or campaign unfold in front of him, not because he wants to be there doing it, but because he has to be there doing it.

It sort of reminds me of that well-known sculpture called "End of the Trail" (bottom right) that shows a Native American who has obviously also seen a lot of campaigning in his time. In any case, I think I like it, mainly because it is different, and it seems to capture the essence of Marcus Aurelius and what he was all about.

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