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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Consul Scipio's Projects

Every so often, I like to review the miniature wargaming projects I'm working on. I think this helps to keep me a bit focused. As focused as someone who collects and games just about every genre and many different sizes of figures available can be I guess.

War of the Ring
This new game by Games Workshop is quite possibly the best game system they've released. Ever. It's not perfect, but if you're a fan of "Middle Earth", like 28mm sized miniatures all ranked up in formations, want a quick game but still give a tactical feel, this game may be for you! I've pulled out all my GW Lord of the Rings figures which had been stored away for a few years to see what I had. After review, I can field a 2,000 point Elven army with Rohan Allies and a 2,000 point Isenguard Army, with an allied Mumak! All I need to do is buy some bases for this game. Games Workshop is having a hard time keeping up with the demand for their new War of the Ring movement trays that the bases fit into though. I haven't been able to buy them from my FLGS, Eagle and Empire nor from online mega store "The Warstore". I do need to buy an Isengard Troll to add to my evil force too. So I will post updates as I get relevant pictures of games or modelling projects.

15mm Sci-Fi
A suprise project that snuck up on me. Perusing through the TMP forums, I saw a post on "Space Above and Beyond" being sold at SAMs Club for $18.99. A poster, Cacique Caribe provided some links and a couple were to manufacturers. I clicked on the link to the blog "Dropship Horizon" just to see what the Space Marines looked like. They looked very, very nice. So I looked up the manufacturer, Rebel Miniatures and I saw some stuff I liked so much I had to order it. I'll describe what I ordered and this project in more detail in a near future post. This is my "when I don't want to work on 28mm stuff" project.

Wargames Factory Romans
I am an enthusiast of the Ancient Roman time period. Whenever I find a book about Ancient Rome, I will read it. My first ancients army is an Old Glory 28mm Marian Roman force. Lately I've been thinking I should add to it but I didn't want to continue painting Old Glory Romans even though I am an Old Glory Army member. I ordered some of the new Wargames Factory 28mm Late Republic Romans instead. These are cheap but from what I've seen online, they look good for the price. This is my "when I don't want to paint Middle Earth miniatures OR 15mm Sci-Fi" project.

Other projects I am working on when I have the desire to do so:
  • 40K - For the first time ever, I'm building a Space Marine force!
  • Warmaster Ancient Battles - I have a Late Repbulican Roman army I'm adding to
  • Warmaster Ancient Battles - I have an Ancient Indian army I need to finish
  • English Civil War - 28mm Warlord Games and Perry Miniatures are staring at me
  • American Revolution - 28mm Perry Miniatures are staring at me to get started
  • Napoleonics - 28mm Perry Miniature French are demanding to know why they've been boxed up.
Now that I type this out, I really have a problem finishing projects. Moreso than I thought. What should I do about it, if anything?
Consul Scipio

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