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Friday, June 05, 2009

New "Napoleon" rules

Good news for all you Napoleonic fans out there. Foundry miniatures in the UK has now released its own set of rules. It looks like a very beautiful book with a lot of color photos, painting guides, background articles, and maps. Here is what Foundry has to say about it: "Napoleon is not just another set of rules, it is packed full of information on one of the most colorful and dramatic periods in European history."

"Napoleon contains a unique set of entertaining rules that are flexible enough to be used with almost any basing conventions. It also includes many army lists for the most popular Napoleonic armies, plus advanced rules covering such diverse subjects as pontoon bridges, grand battery fire, ground conditions, setting fire to buildings, friendly fire and ambulances!"

"Napoleon also features articles on painting and collecting Napoleonic models, plus many other sections detailing uniforms and historical background. This 232-page, full-colour, A4-sized hardback has over 400 colour photographs and illustrations, including many Knotël prints, plus numerous diagrams, maps and other illustrations."

As far as we here at this blog are concerned, we are going to let you readers try them out and report back to us. None of us are into Napoleonics. Not that we have anything against it, it's just that none of us have storage space for yet another game system!

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Consul Scipio said...

Here is a link to a review on TMP of the game:


I have some 28mm French that I'd like to start using. I'm thinking some games of "Sharpe's Practice" are in order!