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Friday, July 10, 2009

Mid War Monsters?

OK, I'm into just about everything regarding Wargame Miniatures. Historical, Fantasy and Sci-Fi in particular.

I enjoy Flames of War. It's a fun game and simple enough for me. Great way for me to get my toys on the table and kill a few hours. However, I do enjoy history, in particular "North Africa" in WWII. But that's another post.

Recently I got a chance to get a quick look at the Battle Front "Mid War Monster" book at my FLGS, Eagle and Empire. For a book about vehicles that were hardly or not at all used, I was impressed. It's clearly written for "fun". The articles for each vehicle were detailed and, I will admit, included a bit of fiction for vehicles that didn't see combat, although that is clearly indicated as such. One pleasant rule that applies to all these vehicles is they are disallowed in tournaments and used by "opponents permission", keeping these in the "fun only" category during game play. I enjoyed it so much I put myself on the pre-order list for this book and for the Sturer Emil and Boarhound. I mean, a giant 27 ton armoured car is simply not to be passed up by those of us who are Anglophiles. I had no plans to order any of them so I suprised myself that I did so.

Sturer Emil on the Eastern Front in WWII

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