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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Assembling the Sturer Emil

Well, I'm excited as I bought my Mid War Monster so I thought you might like to see the contents of the box and how the models look after assembly.

First, the miniatures come in a nice box. Note that Sturer Emils are 3 per box at $30.00. That's $10.00 each. For those quick to do the comparison, these are CHEAPER than "normal" Battlefront Flames of War tanks!

On the back of the box they list all of the models in the series.

Packed by Noriey. Let's see how well Noriey can pack!

Looks like Noriey can pack in it!

It's all there! Note that after I took the shot, I found the sixth crewmember. He was squeezed in between some tracks!

Here is a close-up of the resin. Notice how "clean" it is. The entire resin model is like that. Very clean castings.

Now it's time to clean up some of metal parts and assemble the models. Only minimal cleaning
was required. The metal tracks fit to the body perfectly. The inside of the separate gun barrel that fit against the body required some cleaning out to fit properly, but not much.

I then glued the crew to a tounge depressor as I like to paint 15mm individual figures in this manner.

Here are some closeups of one of the assembled models.

So far, I've enjoyed putting these models together. Next I'm going to spray them black, spray Testors Panzer Grey and touch them up.

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