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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Canis Wolfborn

After many years without a "real" codex, Space Wolves players are once again "official". The new codex is out and I got a copy very early on, having pre-ordered it at my local brick and mortar game shop! I'm still plowing through the book, though I do intend on providing our dear readers with a review of the document, this post is about a new character (of which there are several!) that I also purchased days after it's release.

Canis Wolfborn rides a mighty cybernetically enhanced Fenris wolf which is called a Thunderwolf. His name is Fangir.

Being a fan of wolves, I find the creature too massive for my personal tastes; however, it is supposed to represent an alien breed of wolves that are much larger and more fierce than their Terran cousins. Add some cybernetics to enhance his attacks, and the beast is nearly the equal of his space marine rider!

I've actually built the model already, though I have not yet primed it or begun to paint.

First impressions:

Like many large Games Workshop models, the bits don't all necessarily fit together smoothly. I managed to put the model together without pinning any parts; however, I will likely regret that move in the future. If you are building this beastie, be aware that pinning the arms on Canis will likely be a safe bet, and aid in keeping the arms in place later during transportation and gameplay!

Although I have applied my "pumice" to the base, along with a small stone from the garden, I cannot prime and thus begin to paint until I acquire some "green stuff". I'll be stopping off at my local game store today to pick up a pack. Without green stuff, there will be rather annoying gaps here and there at the joints on Fangir.

I plan on posting photos of my progress with this model, so please stay tuned!

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