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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Purchase Plans for Fall-In!

I saw a post at "Lord Ashram's House of War" blog and decided I'm stealing his idea and using it here.

When I attend a convention, I always go with the idea that I'm "not going to spend much this time!" Really, I do try to buy my miniatures from my FLGSs in the area. There are miniatures that my FLGS cannot stock or special order so I am left with either not starting projects that use those miniatures or buying them at conventions. I rarely buy over the internet unless there is a sale or I get a deep discount. With Old Glory raising their shipping cost to $9 per order I won't be ordering online with them very much.

Old Glory
WWI: I need some Old Glory WWI German Heavy Machine Guns. I also want to get a Mark IV tank for my son, who's building a WWI British force to roll over my Germans.

Ancients: Ships, we like 28mm ancient ships so a trip to the Merrimack Shipyards (part of Old Glory) is in order

Napoleonics: I was going to purchase a few Austrians from the new 2e line. However, with the increase in shipping costs by OG I may not start this project.

Age of Glory
WWI: More British Infantry from Great War Miniatures

AWI: Perry Miniatures Tarelton's Cavalry, Southern Campaign British and Patriot Militia.

The Warstore

I really like the guys that run their booth so I have to stop by to say "hi" and then end up buying stuff from them. They have a great selection of terrain odds and ends (for me) and also good discounts on historical plastics. At least in the past they have.

Napoleonics: Victrix British Centre Company, maybe a box of French Line

Do you know of any company that will be there selling pre-made trench system for WWI?

That's pretty much all that I need so far and it seems Age of Glory is destined to get most of the money I plan on spending. 2010 is shaping up to be an AWI, Napoleonic and WWI projects in 28mm for me.

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venku hok said...

have a look at conflix terrain if you're using 20mm stuff, i don't think they do any trenches but i know that they do some lovely russian ruins that could easily pass off as pretty much any ruin. but if you can't find any trenches at all, just simply make some out of plasticene!