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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Games in Education Day - AAR

Consul Scipio went to the Games in Education Day last Saturday. Along with the Consul came his son (the Son of Scipio) to help with selling some stuff at the Flea Market, play a game and check the space out for next year. Neither took a lot of pictures.

Getting to "Balmer" was easy and unloading at the Charles Street entrance was very quick. There was a very helpful gentleman wearing a bright orange "Flea Market" hat there to help us.

After dropping off my car in Lot C I walked back to the convention center. That took about 5 minutes. Once at the flea market room we settled in and got to talking to others. That's one thing I really enjoy about flea market selling is I get to meet so many nice people. It was a small turnout and I wasn't expecting to sell everything. I did this really to see how difficult it would be. It wasn't a problem at all.

Fellow blogger Standagard had a table next to us. Together we were able to setup a table to run a game while manning the flea market tables. However, due to a storage in staff (Son of Scipio cannot watch two tables at once) we had to call it off. We plan on offering it (this time we'll remember the SNOW) at Fall-In! 2009. We use the rules "Disposable Heroes and Coffin for Seven Brothers" by Iron Ivan Games.

Standagards' US Paratroopers and SS:

Son of Scipio got to play in an Ambush Alley game. He had a great time and the guys running the game and playing in it were great sports to let him play! Thank you! Isn't this a nice looking table with a lot of great terrain?

I'm not into "modern" wargaming but I wish I had had a chance to play in that game. We plan on getting the Ambush Alley rules.

At the end of the day (for us, we left around 2PM) Son of Scipio bought some WWI British Infantry from Age of Glory. I'm so proud that he used his own money to start his own historical force. Way to go son! Packing up and getting out was a breeze. The flea market support was again very helpful in getting us out of there. If you'd like to know more about the specifics of the BCC Logisitics and another bloggers observation, I highly recommend Walt O'Hara's Blog.

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Scott Mingus said...

Thanks for the picture of my 15mm Civil War game!

Scott Mingus
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