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Friday, August 13, 2010

Field of Glory PC game

I have been playing this PC version of Field of Glory for about three months now. It is a computer war game that is based on the now well-known Field of Glory table top miniatures rules for ancient wargaming. But, for those of you who have been exposed to the miniatures rules and have found them to be a a bit daunting in scope and complexity, please do not think that of this PC game.

I would venture to say that this PC version is somewhat loosely based on the miniatures rules. It does use the same fundamental method for resolving combat but all that is handled by the program. It is very easy to select and move units. The interfaces are all very intuitive and it is extremely easy to start playing right away without studying anything. Its really just a simple matter of selecting a unit with your cursor. The area around it then lights up to show where it could possibly move to, and then you just click on any highlighted hex and it goes there. If the selected unit is a missile firing unit the yellow range circle appears on the map to show all the areas it can possibly fire at. At the same time, all the enemy units that are potential targets for either a missile attack, or a charge, suddenly display icons that allow you to then shoot at them or attack them. So it really is just a simple point and click system. The program comes with a very nice, easy to use, easy to understand, built-in manual that you can call up any time to study.

You can play against the AI or you can play by email against human opponents. The AI is good for learning the game and practicing a bit. The real beauty of the game is the play by email(PBEM)system. You will want to play the game this way because the AI will not be much of a challenge for you after a while. The game appears to have become quite popular. There over 1200 people that are participating in the PBEM system and it is quite easy to find someone to play against. You can issue, or accept, an open challenge or you can set up private games controlled by password access. There is no subscription fee or payments of any kind for using the PBEM system. Anyone who registers a valid game license is free to play as much as they want.

The basic game comes with quite few set scenarios that you can play by yourself or with someone else. There are now three supplements that have come out for the game with a fourth on the way. Each supplement provides even more scenarios and they also provide army generators that allow you to build your own armies and then use them.

I realize that this is a not a tabletop miniatures game, but let me tell you, it sure goes a long way toward satisfying that gaming itch when you know that your next miniatures game might be a month or more in the happening. Through this game I have established a relationship with a very nice gent in Australia (and I live in Virginia!). We have been playing back-to-back games against each other for two months now and it has been lot of fun for both of us. It's nice to come home, fire up the computer, see what he has done to me today, and then see what I can do to pay him back! All this doesn't take much time either, you can play out a game turn in about 15 minutes!

That is all I want to say about it for now. This is not intended to be an exhaustive review of the game. I just wanted to get the word out that I think this game is a real gem that more people should try. I think you will really like it.

As far as I know there are only three ways to buy this game. The first would be to order or download it from Slitherine.com in the UK where it was developed. The second would be to order or download it from Matrix Games. I personally prefer to order mine in disc form from Strategypage.com because I like their prices and free shipping.

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asmarketing said...

I started out playing the miniature game, and bought this hoping it would be like the miniatures game.

Your review is pretty good, I was hoping the computer version would be more like the miniatures game.

The biggest let down was battlegroups in the miniatures game have multiple stands, were in the computer game they are one hex, very much a bummer.

anyway, thanks for the review, I enjoy both, but like the miniatures game better.

Im also a new blogger and trying to make connections out on the net, so if you would like to visit my blog and make comments.

I would appreciate your input, and if you want to remove my url fine, I just wanted you to have it so if you chose to visit my site.