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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dancing with Death in the Desert - the Introduction

Bwana Bill, MekMeister Carl, Andy, and I decided to throw nearly every 25mm "desert" model or figure we owned on the table. This post is intended to be an introduction, with additional photos and a some descriptions to follow.

After some debate, we determined that the "Big Game" would consist of Italians and Deutches Afrika Korps attacking 8th Army Brits and U.S. Army. It was decided, after much more debate, that there would be no "Tigers", although technically our game, which was not intended to be totally historical, was being played in Tunisia.

The Defenders were dug in like ticks on a hound. The 8th Army selected a large "domed building" - known in most parts of the world as a mosque - to defend. With walls and towers, this looked to be quite a formidable location to assault.

The Americans were in trenches and behind hills. Between them and their DAK nemesis was a building housing occult relics, which Dr. Jones would love to get his hands on, but not if the forces of "Der Furher" got there first! Of course, if the 1st Infantry Division arrived first, the relic would be placed in "good hands". ;)

Here is "Herr Leutnant" standing on his Sdkfz 251, ready to charge into battle. Note the calm demeanor, the steely gaze.

Could this be the reason for Herr Leutnant's confidence? Two of the DAK's finest vehicles: Panzer IIIs, with short 50mm guns. Hmmm... Perhaps not. I managed to acquire some 25mm decals the day before the game, just in time to add the finishing touches to these lovely models. Pitty they didn't perform in battle as well as they look - but that's another post!

Or perhaps these incredible Marder tank destroyers? Would they see off the Yank armor with their powerful guns? These were acquired by MekMeister Carl, though I'm not sure who the manufacturer was - they are really nice, prepainted vehicles though!

Well... If all else fails, rely on your non-commissioned officers to take charge and continue the assault: Red Section Sergeant stands at the ready to obey his Leutnant - or carry on, should the "El Tee" fall to enemy fire.

...to be continued...

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