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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Graying of Canis Wolfborn - Continued from the Greening of Canis Wolfborn

As you can see, I'm all about snappy titles and endowed with great creativity! (kidding!)

Some time back I described cleaning and "greening" the Canis Wolfborn model here. I primed him before I finished writing my post about the greening, and then began to paint.

After months and months of painting a bit here and a bit there, I've finally decided to leave well enough alone, and have finished Canis Wolfborn.

I used the photos on GW's website and the box cover as a guide for colors and such. Where I deviated from the GW paint scheme is where I felt the artistic need to express my own unique flavor, in paint.

Enjoy the "wolfy" goodness!

I had a "model" to pose for me, so I could make the wolf more realistic - and personal: Izabelle, smile and take a bow sweet girl!

... and for my next trick, Thunderwolf cavalry, "hacked" from GW Space Wolves space marine models and Warmachine "Warbeasts".


Bartender said...

I want a pooch like that!

El Bandito said...

Indeed! well. If you mean Canis' mount, I'm not sure you could find enough Orks, Chaos Space Marines, Traitor Guard, or alien species to feed it... If you mean my "model" - Siberian/Malemute mix - amazing creature. Highly independent, difficult to potty train, but extremely loyal and loving. Now if I can just find a sledge with wheels...

Sigmar said...

Superb work El Bandito you managed to inject a lot of character into the Wolfborn. You didn't say if you were happy with the outcome ?

Keep on sharing and thanks for posting,

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El Bandito said...

Thank you Sigmar!! I did fail to mention that entirely, didn't I? Sorry, yes, quite chuffed with the results, and loved to see him tear through opponents in his first game. Oddly enough, in complete contradiction to the wargaming rule, "The newest, shiniest model on the table will die first," he waded through oponents like a hot knife through butter!