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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Warlord Games - Imperial Roman Army

Well, I ordered an Imperial Roman Army for £45.00 from Maelstrom Games last week. They had a nice sale due to their 10 year anniversary so I took advantage of it and bulked up my Roman collection!

The contents are listed but I hadn't seen a review or even an outline of how it's packaged and pictures of the sprues anywhere so here is a quick list and pictures of what comes in this deal. I apologize for the poor pictures but I'm still learning. You can find detailed pictures of each sprue on the Warlord Games Web Site.

First, you get a nice big box. A box of Romans. Boxes of Romans are cool. The art work is really well done. One thing I really enjoy about Warlord Games products, especially their box sets are how they make me feel like I did when I was a kid. Way back in the day I used to talk my mother into buying me boxes of Airfix toy soldiers, usually the 1/32 scale. It was always so much fun looking at the art on the boxes and then getting them home, opening the boxes and removing them from their sprues.

Here is the Praetorian sprue:

It has 20 miniatures in two sprues. The command sprue has the musician and standard bearer who carries the supplied vexillum plus there is the Centurion who is a bit different than the "regular" Centurion in that he's wearing his cloak around his body.

You have the option to attach their plumes if you so desire. I suspect that it's only right and proper for them to go into battle dresse
d as best they can but it's nice to have the option of not putting the plumes on.

The Auxilia
They're quite animated.

Twenty four models are supplied. Surpris
ingly no command!

Now for 60 regular Romans. Almost a century of them!

The Survivors, the Veterans. Little Scipio put together a couple he liked them s
o much too! These are the best miniatures in the box in my opinion. I love the campaign look and how they appear to not have had an opportunity to fix up their equipment. I'll stop here and summarize with; If you want to start an Early Imperial Roman army in 28mm, this is a great box set to start with.


andrew said...

Nice review thanks mate!

Consul Scipio said...

Thanks Andrew!

I added a pic of the shield transfers that came with it too.

Tundrik said...

very good to see that they look so good.

I will be ordering mine very soon :)